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Roper Whitney Punching and Metal Working Tools
As the Australian Agent for Roper Whitney of Rockford Inc,
Compatible Punch Tooling proudly supplies quality, go anywhere,
one-at-a-time, punching, notching, bending, shearing tools.  
The Roper Whitney range is a robust suite of metal working tools
that continue to perform for decades, as many of the customers
from the 1970's still attest. 

In the midst of todays trend toward automation in the metal fabricating field, theres still room for that right combination of quality and simplicity thats found in Roper Whitney tools. Many Roper Whitney tools untethered by power cords, will go to work most anywhere for one-at-a-time punching, shearing, bending or notching. Useful in any shop: the high volume production shop, the small job shop, in pre-production and engineering model shops, the schools, maintenance and repair shops. And in the field: with the utilities, the service and construction industries, and the farmer. For the finishing touches, or to correct mistakes. To make things work, or keep them working. Roper Whitney manufactures tools you can rely on, for many years. Their combination of hand crafted quality, design simplicity and construction detail makes them reliable and easy to use for many years, even decades. Roper Whitney products cover a broad spectrum of the metal fabricating applications including hole punching, notching, forming, bending, cutting, joining and crafting. 
Below is a selection of popular items from the Roper Whitney range :
No. 5 Junior & No. XX Kits
Description Availability
No. 5 Junior Punch Kit [includes hand punch plus 7 x of punch & die sets] Stock
No. 5 Junior Punch Only [includes 1x punch & die set] Stock
No. 5 Junior replacement punches & dies - kit sizes                     Stock
No. 5 Junior replacement punches & dies - Non kit sizes  On request
No. XX Punch Kit [includes hand punch plus 7 x of punch & die sets] Stock
No. XX replacement punches & dies - kit sizes Stock
No. XX replacement punches & dies - Non kit sizes On request
No. 8  and 4-In-1 Multi Tool/Hang Four Units
Other popular tools include the No. 8 and Hang Four Fabricator
(pictured above) - also known as the  4in1 Multi Tool. The No. 8
unit has a 5 ton [imperial] rating which allows a 12.7mm hole in
3mm mild steel.  The Hang Four Fabricator is built on the sturdy
No. 8 base but has the added capacity for bends, twists and cuts
allowing fabrication of a wide v ariety of wall anchors, braces,
hangers and more, on the job. This tool has great versitility in
the air-conditioning installation industry.